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Our Risk Assessment Process incorporates these important elements:

Fundamental Analysis
As a foundation to our research process, we assess each bond's fundamental ability and likelihood of repayment using conventional and unique methods of analyses. We weigh heavily on appraising a credit's leverage and cash flow as well its economic basis for growing its revenue and net income coverage.
Credit Momentum
We seek to achieve consistent, above average benchmark performance through our inspection and recognition of tangible and intangible changes in credit direction or momentum. Analysts make a scoring judgment relative to their confidence in the credit direction of individual credits and industries relative to short and long term horizon.
Relative Value
Based on our view of a credit's fundamental quality and credit momentum, we assess historical and current pricing to determine whether the bonds fit our criteria for performance.

The McDonnell Research Team makes public select findings and reports. Visit the Market Insights section to view commentaries and market outlooks.

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